The EQ1 story 

The first test flight of the new EQ1 wireless comms was carried out successfully on 20th July 2008.

This flight, to the best of our knowledge, is the first completely wireless, full duplex ANR pilot-passenger communication including VHF radio transmission in flight, in aviation history.

With today's wireless technology, as someone pointed out to me, "the occasion was well overdue."

To achieve this milestone has been a battle of complexity and technology in a generally uncharted field.

Over 20 years of experience in designing RF components and systems for both business and military situations was employed and approximately 3 years of development have gone into the invention and manufacture of a completely wireless communications system.

What this all means to you as a pilot, is that your radio/communications and headset installation has become very simple.

The ability to move in and out of the cockpit without catching wires on controls or projections has been solved completely.

Your comfort level is superb and the quality of your reception and transmissions is now outstandingly clear.