plug 'n' play with the EQ-Link pack 

The EQ-Link is essentially an aircraft headset jack adaptor that allows the use of our wireless ANR headset in any aircraft that uses heli plug* or the standard dual GA headset jacks.  Simply plug in the EG-Link and you can enjoy all the superb features only found in the EQ1 headsets ANR headset ---- all without cables.

*Please specify plug type when ordering

The EQ1-Link / EQ1 headset combination can be used in conjunction with up to 4 other EQ-Link / EQ1 Headset combinations in the one aircraft.
The EQ-Link / EQ1 headset combination can be used while any other brand of wired headset is being used.

It seems silly to have spent considerable time and effort making the headset quiet only to allow noise in through the microphone. The EQ-Link incorporates the unique 'Clean Cockpit' noise cancelling feature that cancels unwanted cockpit noises that enter the microphone
making the process of speaking even quieter than before.

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Ready to 'plug'n'play

The EQ-Link package includes-
1 x headset with carry case
1 x EQ-Link1 x two place 240v USB wall charger
1 x USB-mini usb charge cable (suitable for 'inflight' or 240v)
1 x USB-headset charge cable.(suitable for 'inflight' or 240v)
Total cost of $1090.00 incl GST all covered by a 5 year limited warrantee 
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