We have a simple design brief. The product must--

  • be wireless
  • be easy to install
  • provide quiet listening in a noisy environment
  • provide quality transmissions from a noisy environment
  • be comfortable
  • provide simple, intuitive operation. Put them on, turn them on and fly.

As you can see, high on the EQ1 design criteria was that installation be as simple as is possible 

Technical stuff

For the more inquisitive and technical of you here are some of the extra features that are built in. Most of which are at work in the background making life easier for the user.

  • The EQ1 is a full duplex digital wireless system designed from the ground up using over 20 years military RF design technology experience.
  • The EQ-Link / EQ1 headset combination can be used in conjunction with up to 4 other EG-Link / EQ1 Headset combinations in the one aircraft.
  • USB or 12v (5v-18v) charging capability
  • Cell phone interface via Bluetooth and yes we do have side tone at all times
  • High quality microphone using digital processing to reduce background noise.  
  • Unique 'Clean Cockpit' processes unwanted cockpit nose from the microphone.  
  • System is designed to interface correctly for each radio manufacturers idiosyncrasies. (EQ1 comms)
  • Incorporates 3 microphones and uses active noise reduction (ANR) technology for extreme noise aircraft.
  • Adaptive frequency hopping technology at 2.4GHz. (NOT blue tooth)
  • Voice is digitized and compressed before being sent across the RF interface.
  • The system uses TDMA protocol like GSM phones to achieve multi-channel full duplex operation.
  • VOX system is adjustable by user to adapt to personal environment 
  • 'SOFTVOX' enabled to allow for short gaps in voice data. (no clipped words)
  • 'VOX MIC' protocol used to remove non speaking party from radio transmissions
  • The system also has full voice synthesis capability and can 'speak' many different messages and control information; all configurations are done this way (voice prompting). This can be expandable to a choice of languages.
  • Long life (23hr) NiMh rechargeable battery including voice announced capacity and several low battery warnings.
  • Auto off function-- headsets will turn off automatically after end of flight.
  • No wires to tangle or break. Simple & easy to install
  • Emergency power back up for continual operation
  • Built in battery charger or 240v mains and 12v car chargers with voice announced percentage of charge
  • Can be charged from the aircraft with auto off when charged.
  • Wall charger will charge to full then trickle charge indefinitely- this means never having a flat battery after a long break from flying.
  • Headsets can be used independently and can operate 'peer to peer' (top)

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