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EQ1 Wireless ANR Aviation Headset

The EQ1 is a full duplex digital wireless ANR aviation headset system designed from the ground up using over 20 years of military RF design technology experience.

Simply plug the EQ-Link into your aircraft and you can enjoy all the superb features only found in the EQ1 wireless headset.

When you have finished flying and turned the aircraft off, the EQ1 headsets will also turn off — simple.

And the best bit: it’s all done without wires.

The high quality microphone uses digital processing to reduce background noise while the unique 'Clean Cockpit' feature processes unwanted cockpit nose from the microphone.

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"We get to fly the NYE display once a year over Sydney Harbour. We can’t afford anything to go wrong with our communications with the real time approvals we are getting from Event Control, and the communication within the busy formation. If something goes wrong with the aircraft, we are prepared for a ditching, wearing life jackets, pre-planned ditching areas, and no wires to get tangled in during our underwater escape. These are just some of the reasons why we choose EQ 1 Wireless headsets."~ Matt Hall, Arobatic Pilot.